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SIPATINIZ Martini Glass

The new “must have” party accessory.

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Set of Four Party Pack
Set of Four Party Pack

SIPATINIZ This unique product idea begins with worry-free entertainment in mind. SIPATINIZ can be used for nearly every drink imaginable and your favorite beverage can still be garnished!! These glasses are elegant yet practical for cocktails and mocktails. ...No more SPILLS!

SIPATINIZ are individually hand blown glasses, a unique form of art. As such, please note that subtle variations may be found and are natural.

Also available in stores.
(See Store Locator)

Height: 8" 
Width: 4.75" 
Capacity: 8 oz 

Package Contains 4 glasses and 4 Free strawz


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Price: 74.95

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Sipatiniz Martini Glasses

Party with style, and never again be afraid of getting spills on your furniture, carpet, or CLOTHES! Make every occasion a spill-free occasion.

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