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SIPATINIZ™ Mingle with Ease

The new "must have" party accessory.

Kim H.  -  "Thank you sooooo much.  Sipatiniz is my favorite item."

Jackie W.  -  "Not only can you use Sipatiniz for drinking martinis, but for any drink you don't want spilled everywhere."

Carol D.  - "Congratulations on such an innovative, useful product!"

Beverly B.  -  "Love it!"

Samatha B. -  "I love the concept of SIPATINIZ and definitely want to buy some for my girlfriends."

Kelly L. -  "Sipatiniz is my new favorite birthday gift."

Judy C. - "Love Sipatiniz and gotta have some."

Sipatiniz Martini Glasses

Party with style, and never again be afraid of getting spills on your furniture, carpet, or CLOTHES! Make every occasion a spill-free occasion.

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