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SIPATINIZ™ by FabulousTouch Gifts

Make Girls Night Out even more fun with this new “must have” party accessory.

Pronounced (sip-a-tee-neez): Spill-resistant martini shaped beverage glasses.

Ok, here’s how it all started…

My name is Renee Williams and I am the inventor of Sipatiniz™ spill-resistant martini shaped glassware.  One evening I had been invited to a GNO (Girl’s Night Out) at a friend's home. Even though the actual event was to showcase jewelry, the hostess had decided that it would also be fun to serve several different flavored martinis. So I guess you could call it a jewelry / martini party. 


Anyway, as jewelry was being bought and martinis were being served, throughout the evening I noticed that several different people had asked for paper towel, napkins, and even a sponge.  I even heard a few "oops" here and there. This was all due to spills - martini spills – and not because of over indulgence, simply mingling around, talking with our hand, and an occasional bump as we tried on jewelry in the small crowd.  As a matter of fact, my drinks were all non-alcoholic martinis and I still managed to spill a few drops.


So – in those moments, I began to think, what if there was a way to create a martini shaped glass with the same elegance and sophistication of the traditional martini glass, but resists spills and allows you to mingle with ease™.  After doing a lot of research and protecting my potential product idea, I was off scouring the glass industry to find a manufacturer.  For the next few months I worked with the manufacturer on turning the drawings into an actual prototype.  When I received and tested the first sample, that’s when the real "aha moment" came.  My new glass really resisted spillage and looked fabulous. 

In 2009 I entered my invention into a national new product search contest  – “The Next Big Thing” sponsored by the Dallas Market Center.  Sipatiniz™ won the contest!  When I heard the positive responses from buyers to this totally new, unique, and practical glass I knew I was on to something revolutionary. 

In April of ’09 the first shipment of Sipatiniz™ hit the market.  I’m still astonished that “my” idea has come alive and has gotten such a warm reception in the marketplace.  Today, Sipatiniz™ by Fabulous Touch Gifts is a small, thriving business that’s growing right before our eyes, with lots more coming down the pipeline.  Please stay tuned, as we expand let me know your thoughts and feedback.  Thanks so much for listening.


Mingle with ease!™

Renee W.

Sipatiniz Martini Glasses

Party with style, and never again be afraid of getting spills on your furniture, carpet, or CLOTHES! Make every occasion a spill-free occasion.

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